Elevator Information

Welcome to the Division of Industrial Compliance Elevator Web Database search page. This page will give you the ability to search current information regarding elevators within the State of Ohio. This web search DOES NOT list information from jurisdictions inside the city limits of Cincinnati or Cleveland. You have the ability to search under State ID, Permit Number, Location Name, Location Address, and/or Location City. This web search also gives you the ability to search under partial information. For example, if you do not have a permit number, you may enter the State ID, click search, and the program will list all permits under that State ID.

Searching Instructions

Enter the known information and click the "Search" button. For best results, search only one field at a time. If you try to put too much information and it does not match exactly, the search will return a message “No records to display”. Results of the search will list the top level information. You may sort the information in ascending or descending order, by clicking on any of the column headers. To view the full results of the specific search click on the "more info" link. In addition, this link will list search details about the unit including last inspection results, if applicable, permit detail information, unit specifics, etc. To do another search, click the "Reset" button. NOTE: The data is refreshed every morning at 4:30 A.M. If you have any questions, please contact: COM Elevators, Elevator Administrator

For additional Elevator Forms visit our website at: https://com.ohio.gov.

NOTE: The data is refreshed every morning at 4:00 AM.